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    We no longer deliver for retail customers. There will be places that still have stock.

    We still have a fan page & subscriber group! Don't miss all the talk about all the new ventures & Cicciabella updates!

    Cicciabella® and Cicciabella & Bella Bluff Subscribers

  • Bella Bluff Manor (home of Cicciabella) is also an event & wedding center. 
  • Bella By Design is the place to get the same great design services from Cicciabella.

CicciaBella: descriptive, noun. Pronounced CHEE-CHA'- BELL- AH, an Italian term of endearment for "pretty little one"

“How do you take a regular slipper and make it a CicciaBella? Spend that extra attention to each detail.”

Please watch our video - Cicciabella Love